2015 Ranking Web (12th year since 2004): 2nd edition

The July edition is built with the indicators obtained during this month in order to maintain the freshness of the data of the most current and updated Ranking of Universities.


        The methodological changes in our ranking intend to have a strong effect on certain academic policies in order to improve specific aspects of the performance of the universities that are important in our agenda. The main issues are:

Change of policy regarding duplicate domains

Starting with the July 2014 edition we are going to change our policy regarding the universities with two or more central webdomains, a bad practice that now is even more penalized in the Ranking. Until now all the main web domains of the university were ranked but only the best one was published even if this was the old or not the preferred one in the central homepage.

Now this policy only applies when both domains maintain their independence. If the old domain redirects to the new one, this will be the entry for which data will be collected and the rank will be published. 

New reports and services available

        During the last years we have received requests from universities all over the world asking for additional information and technical support, not only about the ranking and its methodologies, but also regarding other relevant performance results derived from academic activities in all the missions any modern university is currently involved.

       We are now able to provide in-depth reports on the following topics:

Please read it carefully

        Since 2004, the Ranking Web (or Webometrics Ranking) is published twice a year (data is collected during the first weeks of January and July for being public at the end of both months), covering more than 20,000 Higher Education Institutions worldwide. We intend to motivate both institutions and scholars to have a web presence that reflect accurately their activities.

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