Ranking of scientists in Botswana Institutions according to their Google Scholar Citations public profiles

First edition

          This edition was built with data collected during the second week of May 2015 from the public profiles of researchers working in Botswana (south Africa) institutions. It is a BETA Ranking of the scientists according to their declared (voluntarily) presence in the Google Scholar Citations database. We advise to those interested in appearing in future editions to sign into these databases, correcting and updating their public profiles.

          There are still MANY mistakes and gaps in the list, so please contact us ([email protected]) if you discover any of the errors for solving them promptly.

          The list consists of the Top 40 profiles (including former PhD students and no-longer members who signed papers in the past with this affiliation) ranked first by h-index in decreasing order and, when ties appear, then by the total number of citations as a secondary criteria.

New rankings of author profiles

         In order to complement the institutional-level information we are developing a new project, the ranking of scientists based on their performance according to their Google Scholar Citations public profiles. Several countries are already available and new ones are being prepared

Top Scientists (h>100)  3rd Edn
Nanoscience & Nanotechnology  SOON
Argentina Chile Uruguay  UPDATED Bolivia  UPDATED Paraguay
Peru  UPDATED Ecuador  UPDATED Colombia  4th Edn Venezuela UPDATED Brazil  UPDATED
Panama  UPDATED Costa Rica  UPDATED Honduras Nicaragua El Salvador  UPDATED
Mexico  UPDATED Guatemala Cuba Dominican Republic Puerto Rico
The Gulf

Poland  NEW
Polish Academy of Sciences  NEW

Kazan & Volga (Russia) Portugal NEW Slovenia  NEW
Estonia  NEW Luxembourg  NEW Scotland  SOON Ukraine  EXTERNAL SITE Austria  NEW
Turkey  4th Edn        
Thailand  NEW Indonesia  UPDATED Bangladesh  NEW Sri Lanka  NEW Singapore  NEW
Turkey  4th Edn Philippines  NEW Macau  NEW   Taiwan  SOON
Nigeria  UPDATED Kenya  NEW Botswana  NEW Ghana  NEW South Africa  NEW
Namibia  NEW       Egypt  CANCELLED
New Zealand  NEW        
CSIC  NEW OPIs  NEW Private Universities    
Catalonia  UPDATED Galicia  UPDATED La Rioja  UPDATED Valencia  NEW Aragon  NEW
Balearic Islands  NEW Extremadura  NEW Cantabria  NEW Navarra  NEW Canary Islands  UPDATED
Murcia  NEW Castilla y Leon  NEW Castilla La Mancha  NEW Basque Country  NEW Asturias  NEW
Andalucia  NEW Madrid  NEW      

Google Scholar Citations Profiles

          GS is a free very large bibliographic database that it is especially useful for bibliometric purposes as it provides the number (and lists them) of citations received by the items included. Its current size is over 160 million unique documents, many of them with links to openly available full-text versions). This is almost three times the current coverage of the paywalled competitors like WoS/Thomson or Scopus/Elsevier.

          GS Citations is a tool for setting up author profiles of individuals and their publications as covered by GS. There are many advantages in generating your own profile using GSC. It is really very easy to use as you only need a Google account to start collecting your publications and the associated metrics. The system is very powerful and it guides you in every step offering candidate publications (with a very low error rate) and the possibility of merging, delete or adding records.

How to set up your own profile (and few advices and warnings)

          There are several presentations with easy instructions that can help you in the process. We cite these two slides collections in English and Spanish:

          * How to set up your Google Scholar profile in Google Scholar Citations (Sarah Goodier)
          * Como crear perfil de investigador en Google Scholar Citations (Julio Alonso Arévalo)

          Please, follow the following advices and take into account the warnings about nasty practices:

  • The profile should be 'public'. Otherwise nobody could access to your information or contact with you
  • If you have several email addresses for accesing your Google account, probably you have two or more Google Scholar Citations profiles. Please, delete duplicate old profiles as it is very confusing for readers and complex to maintain by yourself
  • Entries marked # means there are other profiles for the same author
  • If your name is common the best advice is to disable the automatic updating. The system could add to your profile (a lot of) papers that are signed by other scientists with a similar name
  • It is important to delete all the entries not being authored by you, as the profile can be excluded until it is cleaned
  • Contact with your colleagues or co-authors if you discover they are not maintaned properly their profiles

  • Identify yourself with your standard signature name (not inverse)
  • Add the ORCID identifier, with the following syntax without blank spaces (ORCID:1234-56789-8765-4321)
  • Provide information about your affiliation, including institution name and country
  • Use an institutional email account
  • Use keywords in English (about 5) for allowing comparisons with international colleagues
  • Preferably, neither general terms (physics, chemistry, medicine) nor very specific ones

Information about the updates

          The rankings are updated without a fixed frequency. When the number of new profiles reach a 'critical mass' or an important mistake is discovered, then the data for the full list of the country scientists is collected. Although Google Scholar database is updated daily and many profiles can change abruptly in a few days it is both not feasible and not fair (for comparison purposes) to refresh individual accounts. Please, take into account that in fact changes can affect to many profiles and even a large increase in your citations or h-index personal count could mean you are losing ranks in the list when comparing with others with a faster growing rate!.

         This ranking has been funded by the Project ACUMEN.
European Commission 7th Framework Programme, Capacities, Science in Society 2010. Grant Agreement 266632
and the CSIC Intramural 201310E040

1 Demel Teketay Botswana College of Agriculture 34 2975
2 Berhanu Abegaz Addis Ababa University; University of Botswana; Afican Academy of Sciences 27 2273
3 Nelson Torto Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation 22 1520
4 John A Cooke Botswana International University of Science & Technology; University of KwaZulu Natal 19 1317
5 Musa W Dube University of Botswana 18 1316
6 Amanda Stronza University of Botswana; Texas A&M University 17 1592
7 Frank D Eckardt University of Cape Town; University of Botswana; Oxford University 16 804
8 K Navaneetham University of Botswana 12 701
9 Simani Gaseitsiwe Harvard School of Public Health; Botswana Harvard Partnership 11 735
10 Neil R Jordan University of New South Wales; Taronga Conservation Society; Botswana Predator 11 522
11 Michael Murray Hudson University of Botswana 11 417
12 Jose C Jackson University of Botswana 10 325
13 M A Pathan Aligarh Muslim University; University of Botswana 10 324
14 Mpaphi Casper Bonyongo University of Botswana 10 250
15 Leapetswe Malete University of Botswana 9 303
16 Read Brown Mthanganyika Mapeo University of Botswana 9 233
17 Edison Muzenda Botswana International University of Science & Technology 8 217
18 Arua E Arua University of Botswana 8 129
19 T Stephen Sathiaraj Botswana International University of Science & Technology 7 212
20 Oagile Dikinya University of Botswana 7 177
21 Goitseone Malumbela Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation 7 154
22 Rodrigo S Jamisola Jr Botswana International University of Science & Technology 7 149
23 Adewale Adeloye Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation 7 121
24 Nnyaladzi Batisani University of Botswana 6 228
25 J E Agolla Botswana College of Open and Distance Education 6 205
26 Morongwa Mosothwane # University of Botswana 6 170
27 Berhanu F Alemaw University of Botswana 6 160
28 Oluwatoyin Dare Kolawole University of Botswana 6 154
29 Yirsaw Ayalew University of Botswana 6 143
30 Moffat Pinkie Setshogo University of Botswana 6 126
31 Krasposy Kujinga University of Botswana 6 110
32 Alfred Matiki University of Botswana 6 84
33 Gaseitsiwe Masunga University of Botswana 5 192
34 Michael Vosa Flyman Department of Wildlife and National Parks Botswana 5 147
35 Utlwang Batlang Botswana College of Agriculture 5 137
36 Motshwari Obopile Botswana College of Agriculture 5 115
37 Krystyna Golabek Botswana Predator Conservation Trust; University of Oxford 5 85
38 Felicia Olufunmilayo Akinyemi Botswana International University of Science & Technology 5 82
39 Tshepo Pheko Botswana International University of Science & Technology 5 75
40 Segametsi Maruapula University of Botswana 5 71