Changes in the future editions

          The July 2017 edition of the Ranking Web of Repositories was cancelled after discovering many entries with a large number of webpages, exceeding several times the global output of the institution. After inspection, we realized the individual records (papers, thesis, chapters) were producing a very large number of webpages (different entries for authors, collection, keywords), so it was impossible to use the "Presence" indicator as a proxy of institutional commitment to the open access initiatives. It is not clear if this is an intended action or it is a result of using new (?) management software, but its impact is so important that radical actions were needed. The edition of January 2018 is not cancelled but we are considering several methodological changes.

          Regarding the Ranking Web of Universities, we decided (July 2017 edition) to reduce the weight of the presence indicator from previous 10% to only 5% in order to limit the impact of the big repos on the global ranking of the universities. However, as several repositories are now amounting for several hundreds of thousands webpages (duplicate contents, abstracts only, salami documents, news archives, non-scientific items), a stronger measure is required for future editions.

          For now and having effect on January 2018 edition, we are considering giving value equals to zero (=0) in the Presence indicator to those universities with a repository representing more than one third of their total size of their domain (number of webpages according to Google). This will marked as rank 88888.

          (Updated 25 September 2017. Further changes can be applied in new revisions before next edition)