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Rankings based on Google Scholar Citations: Methodology

GSC Author Profiles

          Google Scholar is a free very large bibliographic database that it is especially useful for bibliometric purposes as it provides the number (and lists all of them) of citations received by the items included. Its current size is over 200 million unique documents, (many of them with links to openly available full-text versions). This is almost three times the current coverage of the paywalled competitors like WoS/Clarivate or Scopus/Elsevier.

Ranking of scientists in Spain (V): From 20011 to 23578

Ranking of scientists in Spanish Institutions (Spain) according to their Google Scholar Citations public profiles
Fourth edition (2nd week Dec'16)

         This ranking has been funded by the Project ACUMEN.European Commission 7th Framework Programme, Capacities, Science in Society 2010. Grant Agreement 266632 and the CSIC Intramural 201310E040