Ranking of scientists in Nicaragua Institutions according to their Google Scholar Citations public profiles

Third edition

          This edition data was collected during the fourth week of October 2016. The list consists of the Top 6 profiles (h=>5) ranked first by h-index in decreasing order and then by the total number of citations. Please contact us ([email protected]) if you discover any error, but we strongly suggest to read Methodology in advance.


1 Carlos Alberto Zúñiga González Universidad Nacional Autónoma de  Nicaragüa 31 4671
2 Wilfried Strauch INETER Nicaragua 20 1280
3 Javier Ruiz Proyecto Biodiversidad  Nicaragüa 13 458
4 Renata Rodrigues Universidad Centroamericana  Nicaragüa 12 650
5 Marianela Corriols Universidad Nacional Autónoma de  Nicaragüa 10 425
6 Gustavo Cruz Centro Nacional de Información y Documentación Agropecuaria 7 318