Incorrect Google Scholar profiles

Unedited, incomplete or erroneous Google Scholar Citations personal public profiles

          Google Scholar Citations is one of the best database of researchers personal public profiles. GS is a free service and it is, by far, the largest bibliometric database, so the profiles are the ones with the best and most complete coverage. An additional advantage is that the profiles are created voluntarily, with direct control by the authors themselves. They are also in full charge of maintaining and cleaning the contents according to the basic ethical procedures.

          Please, use correctly GSC and edit, clean or delete the incorrect entries in your profile and update and complete affiliation data when needed.

          IMPORTANT: GSC uses by default the "automatic updating" of the records in your profile. In general this feature is very practical and useful, but if your last name is relatively common, then the update can add several or a lot of papers that are authored by you. We strongly recommend to disallow this option and clean your profile of incorrect assigned papers.

Informative list: Google Scholar profiles with h-index=>100 that shoud be checked

          March 2021 edition: If your profile has been already corrected, please contact our Editor for deleting the entry